What is the best pepperspray

Pepper spray is made from chilli pepper and a combination of other chemicals into a liquid form.

It usually comes in a small in exspensive lightweight device in which you can carry to defend yourself. So the question is,” What is the Best Pepper Spray?”

That depends on your situation or when you are going to need it. At home, in the park while on a walk, in your car while on a trip. And with that being said there are a number of sizes, types and styles to choose from.

There is  one for the home or office that has a convenient wall bracket to mount ia strategic area for quick retrieval.

Smaller sizes are available to make it easier to carry while running or walking. Pepper sprays come in a lipstick size as well for maximum concealment, such as a woman’s purse, a small handbag or even her pocket.

What you want to consider when purchasing is what are you using it for, where do you go, where do you spend a lot of your time.

Are you using too primarily ward of animals, dogs in the park, or are you using to ward off human intruders,

When it comes time to use your spray you want to be able to handle it easily and correctly. Please take time familiarize yourself with it before you start to use it.

The real questions is how hot is the”heat” ingreidient in the spray. Scoville heat units (SHU) is the scale used to measure the heat intensity.

Some of your better sprays have 1- 1.5% CRC (Capsacium & related prod capsacinoids) which indicates how concentrated the pepper is verses the oils and solvents. To make it easier to spray the oils (Capsacium) it is mixed with water and pressurized in the canister, usually aerosol allowing it to spray farther. Capsacium is odorless and colorless and is responsible for the spicy sensation when bitting into a pepper.

Pepper spray is used all over the world by ordinary people, law enforcement officers, and even postal workers to ensure and protect their safety. It is also one of the best self defense tools you can use because it allows you to protect yourself from a safe distance.

There are various kinds of pepper sprays available in the market that have been created to meet different requirements and situations. Here are a few examples;

Pepper Spray Fogger

Pepper spray fogger when sprayed, can cover up to 4-8 feet. This type of pepper spray is highly preferred due to the large distance it can cover.

Pepper Spray Stream

A pepper spray stream is best suited for outdoors and has a range of 15-20 feet varying with the canister size and the propellant amount.

Pepper Spray Gel

This type of pepper spray travels a greater distance and is perfect for using in indoor settings. . It sticks to the person it is sprayed on just like a gluey substance and there is no risk of splatters with this spray.


Pepper Spray Cone

This pepper spray system works like a bottle of hair spray but it applies a greater force and covers a greater distance. This spray makes it hard to breathe due to its fine microscopic droplets that affect the respiratory system. It sprays about 2 feet broad and 8 feet long. It stays in the air for a long duration and doesn’t need a perfect aim.

Pepper Spray Foam

Pepper spray foam is great for using in close quarters or indoors. This type of spray is very easy to clean up and reduces the chances of getting sprayed on unwanted targets.

There are also other type of spray you can choose from that can be taken with you while you are on the go. As mentioned above there are smaller  ones that can be carried in your hand

Some have a strap to attach to y0ur hand or a wrist band so you want have to carry it.

It is totally upto you to decide what is the best pepper spray for you. You should make a decision based on judgement or the situations you think you may face to use it for your defense. Selecting the best pepper spray system must suit your individual needs.