What is the best pepperspray

Pepper spray is made from chilli pepper and a combination of other chemicals into a liquid form. It usually comes in a small inexspensive lightweight device in which you can carry to defend yourself. So the question is," What is the Best Pepper Spray?" That depends on your situation or when you are going to need it. At home, in the park while on a walk,in your car while on a trip. And with that being said there are a number of sizes,types and styles to choose from.

Theres one for the home or office that has a convienant wall bracket to mount ia strategic area for quick retreval.Smaller sizes are available to make it easier to carry while running or walking. Peppersprays come in a lipstick size as well for maximum concealment, such as a woman's purse, a small handbag or even her pocket.

What you want to consider when purchasing is what are you using it for, where do you go,,where do you spend a lot of your time. Are you using too primariily ward of animals,dogs in the park, or are you using to ward off human intruders,When it comes time to use your spray you want to be able to handle it easily and correctly.Please take time familiarize yourself with it before you start to use it.

The real questions is how hot is the"heat" ingreidient in the spray. Scoville heat units (SHU) is the scale used to measure the heat intensity.Some of your better sprays have 1- 1.5% CRC (Capsacium & related prod capsacinoids) which indicates how concentrated the pepper is verses the oils and solvents. to make it easier to spray the oils (Capsacium) it is mixed with water and pressurized in the canister, usually aerosol allowing it to spray farther. Capsacium is odorless and colorless and is responsible for the spicy sensation when bitting into a pepper.

There are three spray patterns for liquid pepper spray dispensers:

Stream — A narrow stream of liquid is expelled. This concentrates the solution on the area being sprayed, but is more difficult to aim accurately

Mist>– A mist of fine liquid is sprayed. This allows the spray to cover a larger area and makes it easier to hit the target’s face.

Fog — A fog is similar to a mist but has a wider range of spray